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  THE CHARLES AUTO ELECTRIC CO., INC. was founded in June 1972 in the town of Canton, Ohio by  Charles and Mary Ardelean; as a wholesale distributor of starters, alternators, generators and supportive electrical products to the automotive parts warehouse and auto parts store industry in  a tri-state area.

    Charlie, as he was affectionately called by all, had over 23 years experience in sales, marketing and distribution of auto electric products for a local major and pioneering rebuilder.  He was well know and respected in the automotive community.

In 1975, Charlie's son, Dan, whose background had been advertising and marketing, joined the company and together they expanded the business into actually remanufacturing their own products sold, thus offering more control of production, quality, pricing and just-in-time supply.  They decided to open their new facility in Akron, Ohio, where their presence was very strong.  Their facility was equipped with the latest testing and production equipment available and allowed them to reach an impressive production of nearly 30,000 units a year.

In 1984, the Ardeleans had outgrown their facility and broke ground for a new, modern, well designed building, tailor made for the increase in business they had experienced.  More efficiency, newer equipment, conducive atmosphere and easier accessibility brought about a dramatic transformation and the company was now highly recognized in the auto electric industry.  They were featured in national automotive publications.  CHARLES AUTO ELECTRIC began distributing to customers overseas and customers all over the country shipped units to our factory for custom rebuilding and special attention.

In 1990, founder Charles Ardelean passed away and the total operation became Dan's responsibility.  He had a good manager, a strong sales force and a dedicated, experienced and  loyal crew to help carry on the business.  Although a difficult transition, business improved even more, and the future of CHARLES AUTO ELECTRIC look promising enough to Dan's son Erik, who, would join part time in 1989 and eventually come aboard full time after completing his undergrad in Business Administration at The Ohio State University in 1992.  While continuing to work at CHARLES, Erik would then go on to finish his M.B.A. in Marketing at the University of Akron in 1995.

Erik's arrival was well timed and along with his youth , education and vitality, he brought in new skills, computer knowledge and a flare for sales and marketing.  Customers liked Erik and he learned the ins and outs of the business quickly.  Computerizing the company was the next major project; which, elevated the company to a new level and made the operation more smooth, quicker and efficient.

Today, CHARLES AUTO ELECTRIC services all markets requiring their product lines, and it has  been proudly doing so for over 36 years.  With commitment to quality, customer service and competitive pricing, CHARLES expects the future to show sustained growth and expansion.  We proudly present our new website and we thank you for your interest and any inquiries, and we look forward to serving you.




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